Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My first official post!!!

Hello everyone, guess this is my first official post! We have had so much going on around here with funerals and doctors visits that I feel like I am going to drop!!! Hopefully all will slow down for a day or two.Surgery is scheduled for September 3rd in Dallas, so will need everyones prayers. Will keep you updated.Also, if you get a chance check out my links on the side, our good friend Jason Campbell and his band Singletree just released their first single called "Is it really over now".please call your local radio station and request their song, these are great guys and you will love their music. The link will take you to their myspace page and you can hear this song along with a couple of others.Will update more later.Jamie


FoR 3 GoOd ReAsOnS said...

'Bout time! Now where's the pics?!